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Kelly Jadon is a writer and poet; she has been mentioned in books, online and at MD Anderson regarding her work. 

Author: To Taste the Oil: The Flavor of Life in the Middle East (Into The Deep Books, 2014), a book of poetry bringing alive the forgotten Christians of the Middle East.

Writer: the column, "Hometown Heroes," which is read both online around the world and in print on Florida's Treasure Coast.

Poet:  "To Taste The Oil" was published by The Voices Project and featured at the University of Colorado "Eye Contact" event as an audible poem.  She is currently working on her autobiography, Unbound: Out of the Darkness of Mental Illness, to be published in 2018.

MicroPoetry: Published online, Twitter, Facebook


Online Publisher: Created a website which delivered news content to online and print newspapers and university libraries (McClatchey-Tribune, Gale Cengage, Proquest, Google, etc..); carried more than 400 noteworthy authoritative professional contributors.

Teacher/Instructor: 30 years in the field of education (Retired)

Kelly Jadon was educated at Spring Arbor University, the University of South Florida, the University of Iowa's International Writing Program, Laubach Literacy, Toastmasters International, and Christian Leaders Institute.  Kelly Jadon is an Ordained Minister, holding a Diploma in Christian Leadership.  She resides in South Florida with her husband of 30 years.  Contact her at


Pastor Jim Sunderwirth, Morningside Ministries--"I have been associate pastor at Morningside Church in Port St. Lucie, Florida for 21 years.  Over the years I have had the privilege of watching and being a part of the spiritual growth of many wonderful families.  The Jadon family is one of the finest families of our congregation.  I have watched Kelly and Rafat, her husband, raise their children in the ways of the Lord as they were also growing in His grace.  Over the 20 years that I have known Kelly, I have always been impressed with her commitment to whatever she was involved in.  I believe Kelly Jadon has the character, the temperament and the fortitude to fulfill the call of ministry that Christ has placed on her life.  I have witnessed her love and devotion for Him continually over the years.  I fully recommend and completely support her in this ministry call.  I know she will fulfill its requirements faithfully."

Rick Francona, U.S. Embassy, Damascus--“Warm, witty and enticing. Kelly has captured in words the sights, sounds and smells of life in the Middle East. I read it and was taken back to my days in Damascus....”

Dr. Thomas L. Crawford, Sr. Pastor Morningside Minstries--“Kelly is a poet with heart. I have been to the Holy Land many times and she captures the sights, sounds, and aromas of this land perfectly. Poetry lover and novice alike will not be disappointed. While reading from your den, Kelly’s writing will touch your senses and carry you, perhaps thousands of miles away, to a land filled with antiquities, the Holy Land.”

Dr. Dennis Garn, Retired Literature Professor Spring Arbor University--“Kelly’s poems are precise and powerful. They come to us as a gift. They convey her experiences in precise images—the sights and sounds of a different place. Yet the precision of her images also conveys a sense of the place—the values and traditions of another culture. The power of her poetry occurs when we can share those concrete experiences and have a better sense of that culture. Her poems are the next best thing to being there ourselves.

Dr. John Enyart, Music Minister, Morningside Ministries--"It has been my privilege to have known Kelly Jadon for around 15 plus years.  She has demonstrated a sterling character in all of the contacts I have had with her.  Her attitude has always impressed me with a desire to walk pleasing to God as well as treating, and praying for her friends and carrying a burden for the students she teaches.  Without doubt, Kelly has the Lord at the center of her life.  Her association with the students in her classroom showcase a calm and firm leadership that draws them to choose the right.  In my opinion, Kelly is undoubtedly called to minister in many ways that honor God and help those around her."

 Cheryl Forberg--James Beard award-winning Chef and Nutritionist for NBC's The Biggest Loser; Spokesperson, NYT bestselling author>>I absolutely love working with Kelly Jadon. She's creative, reliable, efficient, savvy -- all the things I aspire to be!

James L. Geiger M.S. M.D.--MD Anesthesiologist at Canyon State Anesthesia and Owner, OilMD Aromatherapy>>Kelly has her fingers on the pulse of what is new and exciting in the news. She has given many authors like myself an impressive platform on which to express our world view. Mine is health and wellness. Thank you Kelly.

Rick Francona--Middle East Analyst>>Kelly Jadon's managerial and promotional skills serve not only her own company, but those with whom she works.  My articles - thanks to her efforts - reach a much larger and more diverse audience than when publishing on my own.  First rate in all aspects!

Wendy Jane Carrel--Wellness Ambassador>>Kelly is beautiful, professional, and talented.  She is insightful, intuitive, and efficient.   You can count on her to follow through.   She will get the word out for you on all things green, healing, healthful, and sustainable.

Desiree Jones, PhD--CEO, The 10 Steps to 120 Company>>>My association with Kelly began as a result of my writing on chronic disease prevention.  As a Doctor of Epidemiology, I wanted to bring academic research to a wider audience, but only through credible avenues.  Kelly's work surpassed my expectations on all counts.

Owning and maintaining a site requires an uncommon breadth of talents - astute intelligence, continuous diligence, and a consistently high level of professionalism - to mention just a few.  Kelly is one of those truly rare individuals who possesses all of these qualities.  Additionally, her commitment and work-ethic are self-evident through her website.  Whether you wish (or plan) to associate with her as an author, a business partner, or simply as a friend, you can be assured of outstanding results professionally, and a thoughtful, rewarding relationship personally.  I recommend her most highly. 

Mark Reinfeld--Owner, Vegan Fusion>>>Kelly has an awesome website. She is very thorough and detail oriented. Through her website, our articles have gotten picked up by other syndicated news websites. Thanks Kelly!

Carole Carson--General Manager at Hound Press, a division of Baskerville Enterprises, LLC>>>Kelly Jadon is one smart person. Ours is a long-term business relationship, and I can say without qualification that she’s a joy to work with and remarkable in her achievements.

Damian O'Hara--President - Allen Carr North America>>>Kelly's commitment to helping people lead better, healthier lives is admirable. Her site is a treasure trove of information and articles that inspire people to want to improve their lives and gives them the tools and the self-belief to make their dreams a reality.

Steve Parker, M.D.--Hospitalist at Desert Vista Medical Associates>>>Ms. Jadon is a professional who means what she says, does what she says she'll do, and does it in timely fashion.  She's a pleasure to work with.

Michael Grosvenor--PhD candidate at Urban Research Centre (University of Western Sydney)>>>“Kelly's website provides unmatched opportunities for authors like myself to promote their writing and perspectives. Kelly works with a large number of authors who deliver informative and intelligent articles on healthy and sustainable living - her ability to elicit so much content is a credit to her passion and work ethic. Her professional and personal approach with me is much appreciated."

Morris Coats---Professor of Economics at Nicholls State University>>>I write a blog on political and economic current events as an attempt to engage my students.  I came across Kelly's blog, and she invited me to submit posts.  She has been excellent in promoting my writing and ideas, giving them much more exposure than they had has previously.  She has also been excellent about getting back to me on questions, letting me know of reader's comments that I should reply to, suggesting subjects for posts, editing errors that slipped by me, editing my comments at my request, etc.

She manages to deal with a large and diverse set of blog writers, with often conflicting points of view, and manages to keep things collegial and professional.

Alex Pattakos, Ph.D.--Speaker; Author; Thought Leader; Expert in "Meaning"--As the creator and owner, Kelly has proven herself to be an innovative and mindful thought leader in advancing health and wellness, as well as in leveraging the "new media" for the betterment of humankind.  Her ability to connect with people on a meaningful level, with integrity, authenticity, and transparency, is quite amazing and, to be sure, inspirational.  I am both honored and humbled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Kelly as a colleague, and feel blessed to be able to call her my friend and kindred spirit.

Jonny Bowden, Author--Kelly is one of my favorite editors and I work for a lot of them! She stays on top of stuff, always looks for new opportunities, is great at publicity and a joy to work with. She also "has your back", no small feat in the world of publishing. Highly recommended.~Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS author "The 150 Most Effective Ways to Boost Energy"

Thomas Armstrong Ph.D.--Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Educational Consultant, Human Abilities and Neurodiversity Expert

Kelly is an on-target professional in locating cutting edge news related to the health and fitness industry.  She placed several of my own blog posts in key online media sources such as Reuters, Fox News, and the Washington Post.

Mark Goulston--Blogger at Harvard Business Review

Kelly Jadon is one of the most caring people I have ever met.  What she cares about is leaving the world better than she found it.  Her site, which I am honored to blog for is doing just that. The amount of effort and quality of her work is incomparable.