The Truth:

In 1968 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the teaching of evolution could not be stopped in public schools and universities; evolution though is a philosophy and is not based on any scientific evidence.

It is a belief.

It is a false religion.1

In October 2014, a federal district court in Oregon declared secular humanism a religion--this is the worship of the human rather than the Creator.2

A precedent was set.

Secular humanism believes in evolution.3

Evolution, a belief, has been allowed into schools to teach children even through elementary school coloring books, that the faith--the beliefs of their parents are wrong; this is called “indoctrination.”

Indoctrination was practiced by the Nazis and Adolf Hitler who took children at 10 years old and entered them into Young Folk, the brownie troop of the Hitler Youth. 4

Darwin’s theory of evolution, replaced the Truth of creation in German schools: “survival of the fittest” and those considered “superior” was taught, creation was removed: all people are descended from Adam and Eve, and the Holocaust followed.5

Nazi Socialism considered those put to death “inferior” even calling them “subhuman.”

To fulfill Hitler’s fit race of Aryans--a master race of German/Nordic Caucasians, the Nazis killed 11 million people:

  • 6 million Polish citizens--3 million of them Christian--priests, pastors, nuns; 3 million of them Jews
  • 3 million European Jews
  • half a million Roma Gypsies
  • about 15,000 homosexuals
  • about 5,000 Jehovah Witnesses3
  • thousands of the incurably ill
  • thousands of the mentally ill
  • thousands of the handicapped--5,000 of these--small children, 180,000 of these--adults--all called useless eaters6,7

They were put to death in killing centers-- gassed, starved, left with untreated diseases--poisoned and given lethal injections.

Without respect for God--there is no respect for human life; without belief in creation--there is no belief in God; if there is no God--human life doesn’t matter.

 Hitler began his death program in the minds of the children. Thought becomes speech, and speech becomes action.

We have allowed the enemy to put in place a counterfeit religion in United States' schools--called evolution.  These false thoughts became speech, and speech became action.

In 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion, as Hitler put to death innocent children, so has the United States allowed her children to be put to death, more than 58 million.8

Euthanasia is favored by 70 percent of Americans. Doctor-assisted suicide is still a majority at 58 percent, and is performed in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont and California.9

Americans!  You must first be the Lord’s!

His subjects--as He stands against wickedness, so must you-- actions must follow faithfulness.

The Lord calls you to be one body, one voice within the United States. Assert your rights as citizens just as apostle Paul asserted his as a Roman citizen. Use the democratic system put in place by Christian forefathers: call, phone, fax, and email your representatives—they work for YOU!

The body of Christ is 70 percent of this nations’ people!

Demand change of ungodly laws!

Demand that evolution, a false religion be removed!