from heaven to earth

He bowed low

and took on flesh

in human form

born of a virgin

a gift

from heaven to earth

to men


born in the place

where sheep were kept

laid in a manger for feed

he became the bread of life

for men,

the babe--

the Son of God


born in Bethlehem

the house of bread

from which all mankind

must eat --to be saved

He became one of us

the first gift given

that night

by God


three wise men from the East

came near, to worship

bearing gold for the King

frankincense for the Priest

and myrrh

foreshadowing His death


born only once--

the holy vessel

carrying the Blood of God

for one purpose--

to die

the King, the Priest, the Babe

given to a mother’s arms--

in birth

bereft of her arms in death


from heaven to earth

to us,

every man, child and woman

here tonight

a Son is born

a Child is given

His Name, Emmanuel

God With Us


the gift of God


“Lord, bless every family here tonight in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen.”